Camera-Ready Paper Templates:
Camera-ready papers must include a copyright notice at the bottom-right corner of page 1 only of each paper.

Please click
WORD-CAMERA-READY to see the appearance of this copyright notice in the WORD template.

Please click
LaTeX-Camera-Ready to see the source code in LaTeX and the appearance of this copyright notice in the LaTeX generated PDF file. You will see that only lines 17-21 and 73-75 are added in the LaTeX source code to generate the PDF file with the sample copyright notice.
Detailed Instructions for Copyright Transfer and Camera-Ready Paper Upload:
It is time for you to upload your camera-ready paper and transfer copyright to IEEE if you choose to have your paper(s) published in IEEE Conference Proceedings via IEEEXplore (EI indexed). Please CLICK HERE and follow the instructions carefully to transfer the copyright and prepare and upload the camera-ready version of your paper in EDAS by July 15, 2020.